A_Tout_Pourvoir (a_tout_pourvoir) wrote in simonsrock,

Does anyone know who to talk to to contest room charges? At the beginning of the year I painted my room in Pibly a different color. My RD told me that as long as I painted it back at the end of the year I would not get charged. At the end of the year I bought some paint to repaint it. That paint ended up not being the same shade of white but being close enough that I thought it might pass. I did two coats so that if physical plant did have to repaint it it would take them less time (they charge $50/hour).

The long and short of it is that I got charged $400. Now, I think it's absurd that it took physical plant 8 hours to repaint a single that would have only needed one coat of paint. I don't expect to get the charge completely removed, but I would like to talk to someone about it. Do I email physical plant? Someone in the financial office? My RD?

It was not the best choice to paint my room obviously. :\ I'd advise others not to do it.

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