Dan Copulsky (dcopulsky) wrote in simonsrock,
Dan Copulsky

Desperately Seeking Work

I just graduated from Simon's Rock and moved to Brooklyn. I'm looking for work. I thought someone here might be able to help me, with a job offer or with tips or advice. If you're also looking for work, you're certainly welcome to post here too.

I graduated summa cum laude, with a high honors thesis and a 3.75. I studied creative writing and literature. I edited Glacial Erratic, wrote for the Llama Ledger, and was a senior representative to community council. I also got a few awards and studied mythology abroad. I worked as a writing tutor in the writing and tutoring center. I've also been an intern at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, where I greeted guests, helped artists, and did other things the non-profit needed done, and worked for Lewis & Clark Research, a market research company, where I did data entry and mass mailings. I'm particularly interested in work related to books, writing, the arts, or non-profits, but I'd also enjoy office work, retail, and many other things. I'd be happy to send a full resume or references or meet for an interview. Thanks.

-Dan Copulsky, dcopulsky@gmail.com
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