The earth moves


-- Feel the Canadian earthquake this afternoon?

-- What social network space does most of the SRC-related stuff transpire in now? I won't touch Facebook with a 10 foot pole although I remember hearing about it from other Rockers before it was a multi-million dollar attraction.

Anyone ever taken...

Bernie Rodgers' LIT258 class? "The 19th-Century Novel: Inventing Reality" -- I am wondering what to expect and wondering if it is worth my time to try to get into it for next semester. Lots of essays? Boring class? Amazing? How many books are read? Good ones? Let me know, please! =)

A message from Mary, for those who don't get student announces anymore

To the Simon's Rock Community:
It is my sad responsibility to inform the campus that Jay Embree, our colleague and friend, was found dead at his home yesterday. Jay's generous presence was a cornerstone of our campus community, and his warmth touched each person here, whether through a short chat while checking in at the dining hall or in a long talk over coffee. He made an effort to know each student, faculty, and staff member on a personal level, and he held those connections with great care.
As we learn more about services, I will let you know more details about plans to honor Jay's life.
For now, you may want to take time to reflect on the many ways in which the campus was elevated by Jay's presence. And during this season of thanksgiving, we can give thanks that Jay was a part of our community for so long.

-Mary Marcy
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Stranded in Harriman, NY -- a ride?

Hey everyone,

I hit a deer on the way back from NY last night with my girlfriend. We're fine, but the car's totalled, and we're stranded at a mechanic's office in Harriman, NY. It would be completely amazing if someone would be willing to give us a ride back to campus, and I'll gladly pay for your gas, dinner, and trouble if you want to be that someone. We are fun company--intensely into music, kind, and given to strange claims and exciting tales, or austere silence if that's what you prefer--and we would cherish your kindness forever. Please call me at (512) 913-6281 if you're interested.

Yours always,
Zack A.
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Free Crochet Class at WEBS!!

Mary Beth Temple is giving a free crochet class at WEBS in Northampton, MA on Friday, October 2 from 10a-Noon. Blog Link. It's only an hour and a quarter away.

I'm in Eastern Mass and can't make it, but it sounds like a good time. Just wanted to pass along the info to anyone else who might want to come! I never knitted/crocheted in college, but seeing everyone else doing so made me super jealous. If you're a knitter or crocheter, you HAVE to go to WEBS. It's yarn heaven. (I can't believe I missed going there, even when I went to UMass Amherst because I didn't crochet yet!)
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Has anyone studied abroad through Simon's Rock to Germany?

I'm considering staying the full four years and going abroad next year in Germany. I'm meeting with Sue Lyon in a few days but I'm anxious in the mean time and I know there is the Rodney Christopher fund but there is very little else concerning studying abroad, especially for a full year/in Germany, on the website, so I was wondering if anyone had any information?

Thanks :]
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anyone know if it's possible to maybe petition to get grades changed to W's, like, waaaaay after the fact? or something?

during the 2 semesters i completed at the rock i was too out-of-it and apathetic to even withdraw from classes i knew i would fail (-pretty much all of them). i've gotten my shit together at a community college, dealt with the personal problems that were getting in the way, and am applying to state schools but my gpa from the rock is so bad that when i combine it with my current, awesome gpa, i still can't really get in anywhere. another semester of equally stellar grades still won't bring it high enough to get accepted. it's frustrating. if anyone knows the answer to my question or has other suggestions i would really appreciate it.

EDIT: i'm in New York, lookin' at SUNYs.


US News, blah, blah

The silly US News rankings came out again. The rock was placed ninth after a bunch of institutions that have totally different missions. It is also among the most expensive on the list. Perhaps more meaningful is that it placed second for undergraduate teaching.