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Anyone ever taken...

Bernie Rodgers' LIT258 class? "The 19th-Century Novel: Inventing Reality" -- I am wondering what to expect and wondering if it is worth my time to try to get into it for next semester. Lots of essays? Boring class? Amazing? How many books are read? Good ones? Let me know, please! =)
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Never taken that one, but knowing Bernie, it'll be great.
I've also never taken that one, but if it's anything like all of his other classes, there will be tons of reading, two big papers, weekly response journals, and he will lecture incredibly well but the class discussion will leave a bit to be desired. Also the books will completely rock.
Bernie is known for assigning just about one book a week, which often include a couple of long ones. He also generally requires, as Zack said, weekly response journals and a couple of papers. He is amazing though.
I don't have anything to really add to what the above commenters have said, but I do want to add my two cents that Bernie is fantastic.
I was at the Rock ages and ages ago, but I was a Lit major and I took any Bernie class I could fit in my schedule. He always chose books I would have enjoyed reading just for fun and his classes were energetic and amazing. (Of course, class discussion always depends on who is in the class and if they've done the reading. There were a lot of great lit majors there during my time and we always had great discussions. The discussions would often migrate outside for a smoke break and then continue in the dining hall when class was over.) I would HIGHLY recommend any Bernie class.
Bernie was one of my favorite professors at Simon's Rock, and I would take pretty much any class with him. I don't know this one (I think it may be new?), but I took four classes with him and each one had the same format: 14 books in the semester, one per week, one 5-7 page paper at midterms, and one 10 page paper at finals.
Oh, and a 2-page response journal every week.