Zonodon Andersonoceros (zwab) wrote in simonsrock,
Zonodon Andersonoceros

Stranded in Harriman, NY -- a ride?

Hey everyone,

I hit a deer on the way back from NY last night with my girlfriend. We're fine, but the car's totalled, and we're stranded at a mechanic's office in Harriman, NY. It would be completely amazing if someone would be willing to give us a ride back to campus, and I'll gladly pay for your gas, dinner, and trouble if you want to be that someone. We are fun company--intensely into music, kind, and given to strange claims and exciting tales, or austere silence if that's what you prefer--and we would cherish your kindness forever. Please call me at (512) 913-6281 if you're interested.

Yours always,
Zack A.
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