e.w. (the_bonemachine) wrote in simonsrock,

anyone know if it's possible to maybe petition to get grades changed to W's, like, waaaaay after the fact? or something?

during the 2 semesters i completed at the rock i was too out-of-it and apathetic to even withdraw from classes i knew i would fail (-pretty much all of them). i've gotten my shit together at a community college, dealt with the personal problems that were getting in the way, and am applying to state schools but my gpa from the rock is so bad that when i combine it with my current, awesome gpa, i still can't really get in anywhere. another semester of equally stellar grades still won't bring it high enough to get accepted. it's frustrating. if anyone knows the answer to my question or has other suggestions i would really appreciate it.

EDIT: i'm in New York, lookin' at SUNYs.

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