Nicholas L. Frazer (nicklaszlo) wrote in simonsrock,
Nicholas L. Frazer

US News, blah, blah

The silly US News rankings came out again. The rock was placed ninth after a bunch of institutions that have totally different missions. It is also among the most expensive on the list. Perhaps more meaningful is that it placed second for undergraduate teaching.
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Can someone give a definition of a Baccalaureate College? I have never understood that category.
If I remember correctly, it is an institution that does not grant graduate degrees but is not a liberal arts college because it grants too many degrees in STEM fields. US News does not know that logic, geometry, arithmetic, and astronomy are four of the seven liberal arts, so all the science majors at Simon's Rock make it "not a liberal arts college" for their purposes. Oddly, institutions that grant only engineering (or only art) degrees are not Baccalaureate Colleges (or liberal arts colleges), but are on a separate, unranked list.