Dan Copulsky (dcopulsky) wrote in simonsrock,
Dan Copulsky

Desperately Seeking Work

I just graduated from Simon's Rock and moved to Brooklyn. I'm looking for work. I thought someone here might be able to help me, with a job offer or with tips or advice. If you're also looking for work, you're certainly welcome to post here too.

I graduated summa cum laude, with a high honors thesis and a 3.75. I studied creative writing and literature. I edited Glacial Erratic, wrote for the Llama Ledger, and was a senior representative to community council. I also got a few awards and studied mythology abroad. I worked as a writing tutor in the writing and tutoring center. I've also been an intern at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, where I greeted guests, helped artists, and did other things the non-profit needed done, and worked for Lewis & Clark Research, a market research company, where I did data entry and mass mailings. I'm particularly interested in work related to books, writing, the arts, or non-profits, but I'd also enjoy office work, retail, and many other things. I'd be happy to send a full resume or references or meet for an interview. Thanks.

-Dan Copulsky, dcopulsky@gmail.com
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Perhaps also ask the rocker reflector?

To subscribe:

email rockers-subscribe@med.stanford.edu
Include your name and dates you attended, I think? But it may not be required anymore.
I watch this site regularly for non-profit jobs.


They are mainly in development/fundraising, but he does list some entry level and prospect research jobs. (I'm in Prospect Research and think it's a great field for liberal arts graduates who like to read, write and research.)
I'd also highly recommend considering doing a term of service through AmeriCorps. You can find jobs that offer great experience in a whole bunch of different fields for 6 or 11 month terms. It pays only a modest living allowance since you'd be a professional volunteer, but you'd also get health insurance and really I can't say enough good things about the sense of pride and accomplishment you also would also receive. You can search for jobs by location or type at www.americorps.gov and I'd be happy to speak with you about my service experience if you're interested as well! I'm serving 11 months (and thinking of doing a second term!) at Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge in Idaho where I do environmental education.

Best of luck!


June 10 2009, 21:20:12 UTC 7 years ago

I would second the AmeriCorps recommendation although you should know that right now AmeriCorps is experiencing unprecedented demand due to the economy. I would particularly recommend AmeriCorps VISTA - which is described as the domestic peace corps. You work for a year with a non-profit organization on a capacity building project related to anti-poverty efforts. Depending on the project you choose you can do something very interesting and have a great deal more responsibility than in a typical entry-level job. It is an excellent way to start a career in the non-profit field and to make a little bit of a name for yourself.
Thanks for the suggestion (both of you)!

I've already applied to some AmeriCorps programs, and interviewed with one a couple weeks ago.